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Product Review: Cloth nappies

CLOTH NAPPIES... yes my first mum post! How exciting. I always wanted to go to cloth nappies since I fell pregnant with my 2nd child, but there was just not enough real information and too much overwhelming mumbo jumbo all over the internet. So I'm hoping this post helps mums who feel severely overwhelmed with… Continue reading Product Review: Cloth nappies

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Book review: Unshackled by Rachael Stewart

Unshackled by Rachael Stewart The Blurb! A rich girl sick of doing her stepdad’s bidding. A young woman submitting to the same man for financial security. Can they escape his sadistic clutches and finally find true love? 22-year-old Abi Taylor is sick of being used as a puppet by her overbearing, money- hungry stepfather. Wealthy… Continue reading Book review: Unshackled by Rachael Stewart